Apimio Connect removes the bottlenecks involved in collecting product data from your vendors. With our cloud-based portal, vendors can easily share product data with retailers and other channel partners hassle-free. With an easy way to connect with your channel partners, you can get your products to market faster, increasing revenue opportunities.

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Build stronger relationships

Personalize experiences for your channel partners. Give them product data in their desired formats and become more efficient with your communications. With a central source of information for both you and your partners, deliver data with one click.  

Centralized management of all your vendors and retailers

With all your vendor and retailer data in one place, you can centrally manage your communications. Access their e-mails, contact numbers, and get product data directly from them on a single platform.

You don’t have to maintain excel sheets containing vendor or retailer data, we save it all on the cloud for you so it’s secure and backed up. 



Invite users and create custom permissions

Invite multiple team members to Apimio and assign specific roles to each. Eliminate the chance of unnecessary changes made to any product information, and maintain the privacy of your product data.

Govern your product enrichment processes by ensuring members and contributors only make changes to their assigned fields. 


Get to market faster 

With a central source of truth, reduce the time needed to upload, update, and distribute product data to multiple channels. Get your products to market faster, and increase sales.

A faster time-to-market helps you stay one step ahead of your competition, and increases chances of sales and conversions. With our product data management, we ensure you don’t delay your launch in the market. 

Faster time to market

Streamline and scale your processes

Whether you have 10, 100, or 1000 vendors, Apimio will help you to streamline your workflows and improve communication with all of them, while meeting data quality and security requirements.

As the number of suppliers and products in your catalog grows, Apimio will scale with you.

Simplified data acquisition: zero hassle

Apimio improves the data collection process from your vendors. You don’t need to deal with cramped-up Excel Spreadsheets. With our secure cloud-based portal, suppliers can provide you precisely with the data you need.

Save time and effort in collecting and managing product information from multiple sources. 


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