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MAP Price

What is MAP Price?

MAP price, also known as Minimum Advertisement Price, is the lowest price point retailers use when advertising a product.

What is a MAP policy?

A MAP policy is used to ensure an even game by ensuring a balance between retailers wanting to increase margins and brands products not being devalued in this price war.

Benefits of MAP policy

The benefits of MAP policy include:

  • Retailers Protection
  • Brand Protection
  • Increased Sales Channel
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Improved Performance Analysis

Steps for creating an effective MAP policy

One can create an effective MAP policy by:

  1. Drafting a Unique MAP policy
  2. Rewarding Compliant Retailers
  3. Including seasonal exemptions
  4. Create a comprehensive review process


What is the difference between IMAP and MAP prices?

IMAP refers to prices advertised online, whereas EMAP talks about electronic communication channels.  

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