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What are the Steps to Clone a Shopify Store?

Written by Iman Afzal
Clone a Shopify store

With the rising popularity of e-commerce brands, many brands are looking for ways to extend their business. Whether you are a Shopify developer working with various clients or a well-known e-commerce brand ready to expand your business further. The big challenge remains the same for everyone; How to copy Shopify store to a new account without the hassle? 

Are you facing difficulty in duplicating a Shopify store?

Create a free account at Apimio to get an overall idea of the PIM solution. The PIM solution will ease the process of duplicating a Shopify store. 

Cloning a Shopify store is a relatively simple process that can benefit your business in numerous ways. Even if you use CSV files to export products, theme designs, and blog posts, manually copying your entire store or parts of it can be time-consuming. Furthermore, once you decide to clone your store, you must also consider whether any future changes or updates you make are reflected in the copied store. This is an important concern and requires careful attention to ensure that the cloned store remains up-to-date and accurately reflects the original store.

How Do I Export My Whole Shopify Store?

If you find Shopify settings complex or do not want to involve in this lengthy process. There are multiple ways to clone Shopify store. Apimio is a web-based application that offers an accessible and resource-saving alternative to duplicate Shopify store.

Easy Way to Clone Shopify Store

As an e-commerce business owner, you understand the significance of a functional and user-friendly online store. But what if you want to duplicate your store to test new design ideas or expand your business to new markets? This blog will walk you through the steps to create a Shopify duplicate store and provide the necessary information to simplify this process. To clone Shopify store, you can use the below methods:

  • Duplicate Shopify directly from Apimio

Step by Step Guide to Duplicate Shopify Store directly from Apimio

An easier way to help you clone Shopify store easily. The direct flow to duplicate Shopify store is listed below:

  1. Create Apimio Account 
  2. Connect Shopify Later
  3. Sync the products
  4. Connect it with the Destination store
  5. Sync Back
  6. Go check your cloned Shopify store

1. Create Apimio Account 

 On the web browser, create an account by visiting At this stage, add all the mandatory details, including name, email, and phone number. After this, it is crucial to add your organization name, and later click on “Connect to Shopify,” and add the URL of the shop whose data you want to clone. Select yes for the field “Do you want to import Shopify products. “It will redirect you to Shopify.  Then install Shopify to proceed with the further steps.  

Connect Shopify to Apimio

2. Connect Shopify Later

No worries if you have not connected to the Shopify store at the start; you can connect later.    Click on the product setting in the dashboard and then stores.  Add a store and click “Connect with Shopify” and paste the URL of the shop you want to duplicate. 

Connect Apimio to Shopify

3. Sync the products

 If you want to import all the products, select them and click on the “Sync all” button to synchronize all the inventory. Once done , a notification will appear that shows that the product import is successfully completed.

Sync Shopify products

4. Connect it with the Destination store

 Add your new store and connect it with Shopify in the same way as mentioned earlier.  

Connect your Destination store

5. Sync Back

As all the products are already synchronized in the PIM solution, now sync back to clone Shopify store.

6. Go check your cloned Shopify store

Once you have completed all the steps, it’s crucial to take immediate action and check if your store has been duplicated. Not only will it protect your brand image, but it will also ensure that your customers receive the best shopping experience.

Apimio PIM: A Trouble-Free Way to Copy Shopify Store

Apimio is an easy way to clone and copy your Shopify store. Our application allows importing product variants, meta fields, collections, media and all other relevant fields and formats them according to the Shopify templates. With Apimio PIM as a centralized product, you can control, manage and import products efficiently. With a single dashboard and integration with other systems, you can easily duplicate Shopify without much manual effort.

Benefits of Automated Cloning 

With the data modeling and product sync functionalities of the PIM solution, you can directly connect all the product information to Shopify. It streamlines the compilation, efficiently process all product information and offers the following benefits:

  • Allows the creation of multiple copies of an existing store, which are incredibly useful for testing out new themes, apps, and settings
  • Saves additional time and avoids manual and repetitive tasks
  • Prevents errors and is a viable option to import data in bulk
  • Easy to set up and improves the overall efficiency of store management
Interested in knowing the easy way to optimize product listing?

Schedule a free demo with our professionals to see how  Apimio PIM can help you duplicate Shopify store easily.


Cloning a Shopify store via Apimio PIM  is a viable approach. Duplicating your store provides you with the ability to make modifications to one store while leaving the other store unaltered. This approach is beneficial for trying out new products or implementing changes to your store’s design, as it allows you to experiment without impacting the other store.  

The Software as a service product information management solution will overcome the challenge of cloning the Shopify store. Book a demo with our professionals to gain better insight about easy duplication of Shopify. We try our best to provide a smooth experience to take full advantage of the product information platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a way to duplicate a Shopify store?

Yes, you can duplicate Shopify store, but there are certain things you need to consider. Firstly, the process is not as simple as the concept of cloning seems. It’s not just copying and pasting the URL into a new window. Apimio PIM has several features to import CSV in quick and easy steps.

2. How to copy products from one Shopify store to another via CSV files?

To help you duplicate the Shopify store, Apimio offers a different user experience. The following steps should be carried out:
1. Export your data as CSV files
2.Select the information of the items you wish to clone for your new store
3. Mapping the fields 
4. Select all the products in one go and sync your inventory
5.That’s all! Your new store is ready

Written by Iman Afzal

Iman Afzal is an expert Content writer at Apimio. With years of experience, she is well-versed on the subject of e-commerce and product information management.

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