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How Can You Create A Rich Product Content Strategy?

Written by Minal Kiani | Reviewed by Mobeen Ali
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What is rich product content? 

When selling online, the only way to bring your products to life is through product descriptions that tell a story and images that allow customers to visualize your products. Product content should be complete, accurate, and compelling to drive conversions. It’s essential to an effective omnichannel commerce strategy.  

Rich product content involves going beyond limits to create a whole customer experience before they buy your product. This allows you to grab your customer’s attention and enable them to make an informed buying decision.

Don’t know about how to What is Product Content Management? Read our guide.

What is a rich product content strategy?

The way your brand chooses to communicate its product data to customers is your product content strategy. Do your product descriptions tell the whole product story? Does it have 360-degree images? Do you share product videos? All this is part of a rich product content strategy that essentially drives sales and ultimately revenue. 

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Creating a rich product content strategy

Titles and Product Descriptions

All product pages include titles and product descriptions. But there are ways to optimize these areas that can make them more powerful. Read our detailed guide on product descriptions here. As we’ve outlined in our blog, there are a few things you need to do to optimize your product descriptions: 

  1. You need to know who your target audience is. Your Target Audience 
  2. Your product descriptions should highlight the benefits of your product, not features. 
  3. Keep it simple, but tell them everything they need to know. 


Source: Amazon

Optimized images are essential for customers to know exactly what they are getting in an online product. Therefore, it must be a part of your rich product content strategy. After all, they can’t pick up the product or open the box before they buy it. Read our detailed guide on product images for e-commerce here. 

  1. Show your shopper a photo for each colour or style (or any other visible variant) you offer for the product. 
  2. Provide zoomable images. 
  3. Observe basic SEO for images. 
  4. Use a white background for all product images
  5. Stay consistent with all your images. 
  6. Use image formats that keep your page speed low. 
  7. Consider using 360° viewing options, or a high-resolution product video. 
  8. Optimize your thumbnails to drive upsells.


Videos are a great way to deliver a short message or show customers exactly what products they’re offering. It is a great implementation of rich product content. You can accomplish a lot with a short, focused video. You can showcase how to assemble a product or how to make use of certain features. Moreover, you can also highlight features that are otherwise less prominent in images. According to Animoto, 73% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product video.   

Technical specifications

Technical specifications are those things about a product that can be shown clearly in images, such as material, size, ingredients, etc. Listing these out in your product content helps consumers become more informed on what you’re selling, and increases sales. 


Reviews give your products the ultimate boost. A lot of consumers read reviews before they make a decision as they’re able to relate to the average user. In fact, one study found that the conversion rate for a product with just five reviews improves by 270% over a product with zero reviews.

What does rich product content do for your online store?

  • Enhances user experience on your e-commerce stores.
  • It makes your products stand out on the digital shelf. 
  • Improves and increases your product discoverability with more detailed product descriptions that customers can find easily.
  • Earning customer trust by giving them complete and accurate product information, which also leads to customer loyalty.  
  • Clearly conveying the value of your products to consumers increases conversions and decreases bounce rate. 

A great way to save time on product data while also ensuring that your product content is complete, consistent, and accurate is by using a PIM solution. These are designed specially to automate processes for vendors and retailers dealing in multitudes of products. Moreover, these products have a number of variants that can take hours to fill out manually. A PIM lets you bulk upload and update product content, and publish it to your websites in one click. Check out a PIM for your business today.


A rich product content strategy is essential to your eCommerce business. Without it, you can’t thrive. It should be your brand’s utmost priority to figure out how you want your products to be perceived by customers, and how you will deliver their value to them before they go through with buying them.

Written by Minal Kiani

Minal Kiani is a Content Marketing Specialist at Apimio Inc. She's an expert writer in Business and Product Information Management.

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