Apimio Create

Deliver exciting, enticing, and complete product experiences across all your sales channels with Apimio Create. Apimio provides an all-in-one PIM solution that lets you create enriched product catalogs that are optimized for all channels

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Product Studio

Create your own product studio within Apimio with custom attributes, variants, and categories.

Add unlimited attributes for all your products, and create and assign custom variants to each product in your catalog.

Channel readiness: automate updates for your online customers

Create product data that is ready and optimized for all your sales channels. Automatically send it to all your channels so your products reach your customers before those of your competitors.

Create access for your brand to newer audiences and markets. Increase conversions. 


Import and export your data: Bulk Actions

Import raw product data from Excel and CSV files, connect to source systems, and centralize your product data. Structure your product information the way you want! Define your catalog structure with categories, groups, attributes, and more.

Export data on-demand through the PIM. Plus, use our Channels to find connectors to help you directly export data to your e-commerce platform of choice.

Make product changes in bulk to boost efficiency and productivity by reducing manual effort. Save time on making updates and changes.

Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

The ultimate product experience is created through images, and what’s a PXM without a DAM? Apimio ensures the product images you upload don’t lose quality when uploaded to online platforms or marketplaces.

Apimio’s image quality index analyzes each image in your catalog for its quality. You then get a quality score based on the index so you can improve them before sending them to other sales channels.


Data quality insights

Instantly measure product data quality and consistency and get improvement suggestions. If your product images don’t meet industry standards, Apimio will immediately give you a quality score and suggestions to improve your data quality.

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