Optimized Product Feeds for All Your Ecommerce Partners

Increase conversions with high-quality product experiences and rich product information. Sell more by ensuring timely product data delivery to all your selling channels.

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Increase conversions through optimized product data on ecommerce stores


Make Products easy to Visualize

Add, edit and maintain high quality product data. Organize your product types, data models, attributes and categories.

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Distribute with Click of a Button

Invite your channel partners/retailers, keep them updated with product changes at all times through live data feeds.

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Connect with your Favorite Tools

Enable channel partners/retailers to integrate with their favorite e-commerce platforms i-e: Shopify, Magento or Amazon.

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Collect and Organize Product Data

Collect and store product data in one place. Create rich product catalogs that can be shared across websites, e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and more. Organize all your digital media in a central repository to improve its searchability and accessibility.

Through our custom Digital Asset Management solution, teams can easily analyze and distribute digital content and ensure that the end customer receives optimal and unique information regarding your products.


Ensure Data Quality and Completeness

Run product data through quality checks to ensure data is meaningful, accurate, and correct. Our state-of-the-art image processing system ensures only the finest images make it to your catalog.

Create richer product experiences through detailed product descriptions and high-quality product images. 


Share Product Data with Retail Partners

With Apimio’s Channel Partner Management, keep your retailers/partners synced with the latest product information. Invite as many retailers and partners as you need. 

Notify them whenever updates are made to a product specification. Partners can log-in and view product feeds, and export product data whenever required.


Syndicate Product Data Across Multiple Channels

Have retailers and channel partners integrate your product data across all their selling channels. Form a pipeline straight from your Apimio dashboard to their user-facing storefronts. Have your product data automatically updated at all times.

Ensure the product information you collect is optimized for all e-commerce platforms with our field validators and quality checks. Maximize your sales by ensuring your products are on the right platform at the right time.

Helpful resources and Insightful Blogs

Time-to-Market (TTM): What Is It & How Can You Improve It?

Time-to-Market (TTM): What Is It & How Can You Improve It?

Time-to-market (TTM) is a term used to describe the time it takes from the initial idea of the product to the final, finished product being put out in the market.

In a fast-paced economy where there is always someone doing something similar to what you’re doing, it’s important to gain a competitive advantage over them.

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What are Product Variants & How Can They Benefit Your E-commerce Store?

What are Product Variants & How Can They Benefit Your E-commerce Store?

A product variant is a unique variant that is used to identify specific products. Some products share common attributes, but there are some attributes that differ; these are called variants. Each product variant has its own unique identifier, such as price, and every variant is based on the same product definition.

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Frequently asked questions

✓ : Who is Apimio for?

Apimio is for e-commerce manufacturers that need to manage and organize product information and share product data feeds with their online retailers. 

✓ : What can I do with Apimio?

Apimio platform has two separate modules for Manufacturers/Vendors and Retailers. 

Vendors can collect, enrich, organize product information, and share it with their retailers. Retailers can syndicate the product data feeds to ecommerce platforms of their choice.

✓ : How can I join Apimio?

Vendors can sign up by clicking the Getting Started button and creating a marketplace. Retailers can join upon an invite from a Vendor. Each Vendor is allowed a certain number of retailers in accordance with their pricing plan.

✓ : How can I export product data to Shopify?

Retailers can export their desired products to Shopify by selecting the product line and synchronizing their Shopify accounts with the feeds they are receiving from Vendors.

✓ : Are retailers charged for using Apimio?

Apimio is free for retailers to use. Vendors have to pay individually or collectively for each retailer they invite.

✓ : Can a Retailer have multiple Vendors?

Retailer accounts can be attached to multiple vendors at the same time without being charged any fee.

✓ : How can I import product data from Shopify?

Vendors can connect their Shopify account to Apimio to import their product catalogs from Shopify by going to the connectors menu and filling in their Shopify credentials. The data can later be enriched and organized on the Apimio platform.

✓ : What happens after my trial is over?

Once your free trial is over, you will need to subscribe to one of our pricing plans in order to continue using Apimio. Your data will be stored for 90 days from trial expiration, after which it will be permanently deleted.

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