Drive more sales with better product experience management

Apimio makes every part of your product journey more efficient, getting started with optimized product data on your online stores has never been faster and easier.

3Cs of Better Product Experience Management





Create the ultimate product experience for your online shoppers with our next-generation Product Information Management (PIM) platform. Designed to create optimized product data and drive online sales.






Connect with your channel partners and team members. Keep track of user activities and manage contacts centrally. Store data such as names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers so it’s easily accessible.





Bring all your product information to the cloud and collaborate with your suppliers. Bring all your teams together and enable them to create the best product experiences for your online shoppers.



Easily create your product data and digital assets to enhance shopping experience for your customers.

Centralized Product Data

Apimio gives you a single dashboard to control, manage, and process your data, making your teams more efficient and communicative.

Centralize all product content and information from multiple sources (Excel/CSV, Suppliers, and Departments) with custom product hierarchies, data modeling, validations, and versioning.

Manage Content Quality and Completeness

With our intelligent AI, we monitor all your product data and provide you with insights on how to improve product descriptions and images

Ensure that your product data is top quality and complete when it reaches your online shoppers.

Distribute Product Data In One Click

A cloud-based solution through which you can invite your suppliers who can provide you exactly the data you need, at the right time, and in the right format.

Distribute centralized data to multiple selling channels with one click.

Make collaborations between teams easier, faster, and efficient.

Centrally Manage Products and Retailers

Manage all your product data and channel partners in one place. Choose which data to share with each retailer, and create custom user permissions for team members.

Collaborate to Provide High-Quality Product Data

By centrally managing all your work, you can collaborate with your channel partners and team members. Assign specific user roles, and collaborate on product data with retailers.

Distribute Product Data To All Your Channels

A cloud-based solution through which you can invite your retailers. Distribute centralized data to multiple partners and channels with one click.

apimio customer pim testimonial

“With Apimio’s centralized platform and real-time analytics, we’ve improved accuracy and productivity.

No more scattered and inconsistent data, throughout the whole process.”


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Create your own Brand Portals

product centralized


Create a central portal for all your product data, media, and communications. 

bulk products tool


Collect and manage your product data and digital media efficiently and cost-effectively. 

product distribution


Update product data and send it to multiple partners and distribution channels in one click.

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