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Apimio PIM software streamlines your product journey making it effortless to manage and optimize your product data on all online stores.

Apimio: All your data in one place;

Seamless Integration

Data Import

Apimio’s multi-data format import feature enables you to manage diverse data formats effortlessly through templates that efficiently convert your data into a standardized format to meet your specific business needs.

Data Management

Apimio helps in managing product data efficiently by allowing import, export of product data it also helps you to meet industry requirements by providing data quality scores and suggestions to improve that score.


Store, organize, and manage digital assets such as images, videos, documents, and other media files associated with products. Apimio’s features of Image quality score ensures E-commerce excellence by letting you improve them.

Catalog Management

Easily organize and manage your product catalog from one centralized location, and streamline the process of adding, editing, and deleting products.


Easily create and manage categories from one centralized location and ensure that products are accurately categorized and easy to find.

Data Syndication

Provide automated distribution mechanisms to external partners, retailers, and affiliates to distribute product data.

Centralize all your product data

  • Automated solutions that help you to import product data to our centralized cloud dashboard.
  • Stores digital product data such as images, videos, descriptions, etc. So, it is easily accessible.
  • Manage Content Quality and Completeness with our intelligent AI, we monitor all your product data and provide you with insights on how to improve product descriptions and images.

Improve Shoppers Experience

  • Create the ultimate product experience for your online shopper with our next-generation Product Content Management(PCM) platform.
  • Invite all your team members and channel partners to collaborate.

Learn more about our product content management.

Automate tedious task

  • Distribute product information directly to your online store faster in one click.
  • With apimio integrations and our universal exporter product data is easily accessible and more flexible than ever Apimio
  • Save time with one-click processes

Learn more about our product data distribution.

PIM for Brands and Vendors

  • Centralize all product information from multiple sources (Excel/CSV, Suppliers, and Departments) with custom product hierarchies, data modeling, validations and versioning.
  • A single dashboard to control, manage, and process your data, making your teams more efficient and communicative. 

PIM for Retailers

  • Manage all your product data and channel partners in one place. Choose which data to share with each retailer, and create custom user permissons for team members.
  • A cloud-based solution through which you can invite your retailers. distribute centralized data to multiple partners and channels with one click.

E-commerce director at a Fashion Brand


Our decision to invest in PIM stemmed from the fact that we were previously reliant on manual operations. The lack of a streamlined system to manage our product data was a major impediment, and we were heavily restricted by these manual procedures..

E-commerce manager at a Fashion Brand


Apimio Pim has allowed us to  increase the product turnover and broaden the variety of our products we offer from most of our suppliers.

Operation manager at a Fashion Retailer


“We used to struggle with scattered data and inconsistent product information but Apimio has made it easier to manage everything.”

Simplifying complex problems with effortless solutions

Product Content Management

Create, manage, and share content in bulk with your sales partners.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve SERPs with more Google optimized product data.


Syndication channels

Publish product information directly to your online stores.

Product Sheets and catalogs

Create product catalogs, sheets and share with the customers.

Top resources from Apimio

What is Product Content Management (PCM)?

What is Product Content Management (PCM)?

A Product Content Management system used for creating, managing, sharing, organizing, and categorizing any product-related data. The solution ensures a seamless flow of the product cycle.

Solve all your product management worries through a single solution

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