What is PIM software?

Product Information Management

A PIM Software allows a consistent flow of organized, consistent, and complete product data across multiple selling channels.


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What does a PIM software do?

A PIM Solution empowers retailers and manufacturers to counter complex challenges in managing and maintaining product data quality.

A PIM System helps you create rich product catalogs optimized for omnichannel selling

Why use a PIM software?

With a PIM software, companies can improve the quality, accuracy, and completeness of their product data, while simultaneously increasing the time-to-market for all products.

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Key Features of a PIM 

collect data for pim solution

Collect and Organize Product Data

Make superior product catalogs that can be shared across websites, e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and more.

early to market solution

Get to market faster than your competitors

Reduce the time-to-market for all your products. Get your products to a larger market, and reach your audience before your competitors.

pim product data syndication

Syndicate Product Data across Multiple Channels

Have retailers and channel partners integrate your product data across their selling channels. Import and publish product data to storefronts.

product data management

Share your Product Data

Share your product data with channel partners and retailers. Keep them synced with the latest product information.

product sheets

CSV file exports

Allow channel partners to export product data in the form of CSV files, modeled according to their internal file structures.

product attributes

Complex Product Types

Maintain and publish complex product types. Edit and export items from a single category in bulk, and populate the product variants on your catalogs.

Who uses a PIM tool?

product management for IT manager

IT Manager

Who want systems that are easier to run, maintain, and configure. Need to meet compliance needs, and make collaboration easier.


Marketing Manager

Who want to ensure products are meeting the right customers, and want to conceptualize and execute multi-channel campaigns.


Sales Manager

Who wants to present products to prospective clients, and resolve issues to the customer’s satisfaction, and maintain the company’s reputation.

pim for ecommerce manager

eCommerce Manager

Who has to maintain knowledge on all products of the website, and understands the vitality of product data in driving sales online.

Who is PIM software Important to?


Retailers and Third-party Sellers

As your product portfolio spreads across your website, catalogs, Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more, chances of data inconsistencies increase. This can tarnish your brand image, increase returns, refunds, and customer dissatisfaction.

A PIM system gives you a single point of control and visibility to publish product data across all of your e-commerce channels. With product data coming straight from the source: the supplier, your customers will be met with consistent and accurate product data ensuring trust and a positive experience. Aggregate product feeds from different suppliers, manage them all in one place, and automatically put it out on multiple platforms.

Brands & Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer struggling to share complete and consistent product information with multiple retailers and channel partners? A PIM solution lets you invite all your retailers to your dashboard so you can share your product data with one click. You can assign different tasks to your team to enable real-time collaboration.

If you’ve started experiencing increased product returns or customer complaints, your product data might be the reason. With Apimio, ensure you’re putting out detailed product descriptions and images so customers know exactly what they’re buying.


Distributors and Mega-purchasers

Distributors are mostly middle-men in the supply chain, receiving increasing volumes of information from multiple sources. Staying up-to-date with all product data from these sources and ensuring delivery of high-quality, consistent information of products is one of the distributors’ biggest challenges. They must deliver content in different formats according to the requirements of the other party or they risk losing customer trust and relationships. 

PIM software like Apimio allow distributors to stay one step ahead of their competition by automating their product information management and giving customers the ideal product data they need to make informed buying decisions. Distributors benefit by putting out information faster to multiple selling channels.

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