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In today’s fast-paced e-commerce world, getting product data to your customers is essential in driving higher conversions and improving product experiences. With product data coming in from multiple sources, it can become particularly hard for retailers to optimize, manage and distribute that information in an efficient manner. Data becomes scattered and impossible to manage, specially when teams are growing in number, and collaboration is crucial for better management. And that’s why we created brand portals to make life easier.

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What are Brand Portals?

A brand portal is your very own digital resource center that lets you store all your digital assets in a single space to keep them accessible and organized and become more efficient with your operations and save time. An important part of any online business is getting digital content across platforms and departments quickly. Our centralized brand portal helps with this: upload data once, and then add, edit, and manage it centrally.

How Apimio’s Brand Portal Benefits Your Business

Manage, access, and distribute all your brand assets with Apimio 

Teams are constantly working with one another, business partners, freelancers, and other departments to design, manage, and deliver brand assets. Brand portals help marketers and e-commerce managers operate more efficiently. Content can be approved and shared immediately, and is secured in the cloud. 

Organize all your Media in One place and more with Apimio’s DAM features.

How companies benefit from brand portals


Consistent branding for better customer experiences

Apimio’s brand portal enables custom branding that can be aligned with your brand guidelines and theme, and reflect your brand strategies and what it stands for: logo, color, homepage images, categorization in order to sustain brand consistency. For e.g. the colors you use on your website and product make your brand recognizable in a highly-saturated market. Maintaining consistency in this regard is important and crucial. 

When marketers design multiple digital assets for all types of customers, it becomes imperative to keep the assets segmented for easy access. Brand Portals help marketers maintain brand consistency for the long run by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Automate your product updates

Users can update their product information once on Apimio, and sync these changes to all connected platforms and marketplaces with one click. Ensure none of your product catalogs are outdated or incomplete with our intuitive brand portal.


Create higher quality product pages

With Apimio’s brand portal, create as many attributes and variants as you want to populate your product pages. Deliver every bit of product data you want to your customer, without any limitation on space. Also, ensure your product pages are free of any typos and errors. Having to insert product information just once improves consistency and accuracy.

All file formats are supported

One of the most convenient parts of Apimio’s brand portal is that it supports all file structures, such as PDF, XTML, CSV (..) You can also save audio and video files that you can then share with channel partners and social media platforms. This makes it easier and efficient to follow guidelines for different platforms and marketplaces, and meet compliance needs.


Share faster with retailers and distributors

As your company grows and scales, digital content starts to become more valuable and larger in number. This becomes particularly hard to manage if you don’t have a central space to store all this information and then distribute it to multiple channels.

Our brand portal counters exactly this issue, making life easier for marketers and eCommerce managers. Through the brand portal, you can deliver company assets to external users by just assigning specific roles on Apimio, rather than creating files and folders on Dropbox or OneDrive, or sharing a bunch of confidential data via e-mail. This way, you maintain both efficiency and privacy.

Optimize your businesses internal brand processes

Brand portals make internal processes easier, efficient, and seamless. Marketing departments can exercise more control over their assets, and allow specific access to departments that may need certain digital content. Moreover, media doesn’t get lost in a pile of information on desktops and computers and is securely saved on a cloud service.


Custom permissions

Having brand portals allows companies to create custom permissions so only authorized users can access and make edits. There are a few types of users that can be created on Apimio’s brand portals: guest users, viewers, editors, and administrators with their respective rights. The most common content on brand portals are logos, product images, and videos.

Easy access and editing

Brand portals are an intuitive and visual way to navigate, search, filter, and view digital assets. Teams can easily locate the files they need and share them with departments and channels when necessary. It allows for simpler collaboration between members, creating a smoother workflow than would be possible with spreadsheets, Dropbox or other sharing tools not built for collaboration.


Go global

Are you struggling to create a common structure for all your internal teams, and overseas subsidiaries, and partners so that your brand guidelines are met for each user?  With Apimio’s brand portal, teams can view, download, and share assets centrally, and also get multiple language support to reach customers globally and create lasting relationships. Connect with your customers around the world, and create lasting relationships and business with them.

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