Simplify and Standardize Your Supplier Product Data

Simplify managing supplier information and bring order to your data with just a few clicks. Managing product data from multiple suppliers can be complex. Each supplier has their own way of organizing data, which can make things complicated and time-consuming. However, Apimio provides a solution that simplifies this process with the CSV Import and Supplier Onboarding feature.

 This feature is designed to easily align with various data formats, making it easier to manage. With our CSV Mapping, Import Formulas, and Data Standardization, we ensure that your product information is not only consistent but also accurate and reliable.

Our customizable Import Templates help simplify your workflow, turning data confusion into clarity. By using Apimio’s PIM software, you can turn the challenge of dealing with diverse supplier data into an opportunity for growth.

Centralize your Product Data

With Apimio’s user-friendly interface and features, retailers can now control, manage, and process their data easily from a single dashboard, fostering enhanced efficiency and collaboration among teams. Apimio PIM empowers retailers to centralize all product content and information originating from multiple sources such as Excel/CSV, suppliers, and marketing channels. Utilize custom product hierarchies, robust data modeling, validations, and efficient versioning capabilities to ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date.


Onboard your suppliers, get your products to market faster

Retailers have multiple suppliers sending product data in differently formatted documents, spreadsheets, images, etc. Managing all these can be challenging if you don’t have a central repository for all your data. With Apimio PIM, you can offer a cloud-based solution through which you can invite your suppliers who can provide you exactly the data you need, at the right time, and in the right format. 

Speed up the product information management process so you can get your products to market faster — across all channels and touchpoints.

Syndicate and distribute product data in real-time

With Apimio’s PIM, you can share your product data instantly. Whether it’s exporting data for platforms like Shopify or other platforms, Apimio automates the process, saving you time and effort. That means you won’t have to upload data manually anymore. It helps you manage product information efficiently, allowing you to set up workflows for better communication within your business. Additionally, Apimio automates the creation of product campaigns, helping you drive revenue growth effortlessly.


Expand your product offerings

When using spreadsheets to manage your product data, your product range is limited. However, with a PIM, this doesn’t have to be the case. Apimio PIM gives you the freedom to expand your product catalogs and offer complex product types. And the best part? You ensure enriched product descriptions, with each product in your list optimized to be displayed on user-fronts. Automate the onboarding of new product lines and remove manual processes. 

All the features you need to take
your retail business to the next level

  • Supplier Product Onboarding: PIM for retailers simplifies supplier product onboarding by offering smooth integration with Shopify and handling large datasets via CSV import so you can sell faster and give customers a reliable shopping experience.


  • Customer Product Experience: Apimio provides centralized management of product data, such as descriptions, prices, and rich media, enabling effortless updates and synchronization. This helps you to deliver accurate product content, enhance the shopping experience, and drive conversions.
  • Campaign Management: Apimio’s campaign management empowers retailers to schedule price adjustments for events, and simplify promotional planning. Use dynamic pricing, keep track of how well it works, and quickly take advantage of the market opportunities.

  • Data Quality Management:  Apimio’s Data Quality Management boosts retail success with accurate product information and images. Automated data checks and product quality scores help retailers reduce returns,  and increasing conversion rates.


  • Product Internationalization: PIM for retailers enables global expansion with translations, localizations, and currency adjustments. This helps you to sell in new markets ensuring consistent product information globally, and efficient inventory management. 
  • Centralized Multi-Store Management: Apimio simplifies multi-store management by centralizing product data. With bulk updates, Shopify integration, and multi-language support, retailers can simplify business operations and ensure consistent branding.

PIM tips, tricks and helpful guides for Retailers

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