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What is Digital Asset Management?

A PXM tool without a DAM is incomplete, and a bad investment too. A product experience comprises not just the product descriptions and titles, but also the digital media. This includes product images from all angles, 360-degree views, product videos, and other marketing material. 

What does a DAM do? And How?

Manage, access, and distribute all your digital assets with Apimio 

Rich Product Experience without Proper Digital Asset Management is incomplete, and a bad investment too. A product experience comprises not just the product descriptions and titles, but also the digital media. This includes product images from all angles, 360-degree views, product videos, and other marketing material. 

Digital Asset Management enhances the quality of operations, giving companies a centralized solution to organize, access, and distribute all their media assets. It saves time throughout the product content lifecycle and improves efficiency.

What data does DAM store?

Photos, Music, Videos in all Digital Formats

Meta data and related formatted data

Animations, Podcasts and other multimedia content.

Why Companies use DAM softwares?

collect data for pim solution

Collect and organize product content

Make superior catalogs that can be shared across websites, e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and more.

early to market solution

Get to market faster than your competitors

Reduce the time-to-market for all your products, and get them to a larger market. Reach your audience before your competitors.

pim product data syndication

Syndicate data across multiple channels

Have retailers and channel partners integrate and sync your product data across their selling channels. Import and publish information to storefronts.

product data management

Faster and efficient sharing

Share your product data with channel partners and retailers. Keep them updated with the latest product information.

product sheets

CSV file exports

Allow channel partners to export product data in the form of CSV files, modeled according to their internal file structures.

product attributes

Complex product types

Maintain and publish complex product types. Edit and export items from a single category in bulk, and populate the product variants and attributes on your catalogs.

Why is DAM necessary?

52% of marketing teams have scattered storage

10k+ different files are lost on team systems

7k+ important files are unorganized within companies

Organize all your Media in One place and more with Apimio’s DAM features.

How Apimio works as a DAM


Store all your digital media centrally

Apimio’s DAM features let you centralize your product media so you can access it easily at any time and distribute it to team members and sales channels. As the importance of product content media increases in e-commerce, DAM has become an essential tool for marketers to manage product data. With Apimio, store marketing material for your social media campaigns so you can send it to your relevant channels without any hassle or delay.

Increased team efficiency with better media accessibility

When media is scattered across systems in different files and folders, it becomes harder to access and your team ends up spending a lot of time just locating the specific things that they need. Apimio removes this bottleneck as it enables better collaboration between team members, and allows for accessibility within seconds. Collaborators can browse through assets on their own and not spend hours emailing files as they can do it through a single system


Higher control over brand assets

Apimio protects a brand by controlling access to its digital content. Admins can create custom user permissions so only authorized personnel can access the media. This allows for higher privacy and security. Moreover, only approved and up-to-date brand assets will reach social marketers, salespeople, partners, and other collaborators.

Get quality insights on your product images and rich media

Product images must match a certain standard. This elevates your brand image and also aids in increasing conversions. Apimio provides image quality insights against pre-set requirements that are followed by the e-commerce industry. This way, you can immediately improve the images before you send them out to your stores and other channels.


DAM speeds up time-to-market

When scaling your digital presence, time is of the essence. You can’t afford to lose minutes or hours to inefficient processes. Yet, 46% of marketers report wasting time due to downloading and uploading assets using multiple tools, and 51% say they have wasted money on campaign assets that they can’t locate.

As discussed, a DAM platform allows you to store, organize, and retrieve assets quickly. Within the context of any campaign or creative workflow, this helps move steps along while minimizing redundant and costly rework. You can also keep all feedback within the platform to eliminate the delays that typically come with lengthy email-based feedback chains.

Maintain brand consistency

Did you know that customers are more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize? Because of this, Fortune 500 companies make a proactive effort to maintain brand consistency in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Maintaining a brand identity and standards is easier when you have a DAM platform. You can restrict access to legacy files and ensure that only the most up-to-date assets are accessible, so users can create, manage, share, and collaborate on assets and rich media without deviating from your brand guidelines. Once creatives have finished designing an asset, they can streamline production on simple tasks by saving the layout as a template so that approved users can quickly repurpose the design



A DAM gives agencies and brands true digital asset storage for unlimited files, of any size, in one secure, cloud-based location. This is critical when storing larger assets such as high-res imagery, video, and audio files.

File backups, custom user permissions, and rights management features enhance the security of stored assets. While storage is unlimited, users can set asset expiration dates, to reduce unnecessary virtual clutter.

Digital Asset Management FAQs

What is a digital asset management system?

A digital asset management (DAM) tool allows businesses to collect, organize, centralize, distribute snd manage all their digital assets. It enables easier collaboration between team members who can locate digital files immediately. Popular DAM features include custom user roles, analytics, and data insights.  

What does a digital asset manager do?

A digital asset manager is responsible for all the digital assets of a company, including their management, performance analysis, distribution, accessibility, and storage. A digital asset management system is in place for the asset manager to account for all the media. This goes beyond just images and videos, down to marketing and social media campaign material.

What are examples of digital assets?

Digital asset examples include any digital files that a business uses to build its brand’s presence, such as marketing materials including images, product or brand videos, word documents, PDFs, graphics, and design files.

When should I invest in a DAM?

Any brand or business looking to scale with an increasing number of digital assets should consider investing in DAM software to increase efficiency, improve asset performance and accessibility, ensure privacy and security, and improve the time-to-market for their products.

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