Collect and organize product data

Collect and organize product data on the fly with all required details including images and videos.

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One dashboard for your data management and reporting


Product Studio

Traditional spreadsheets are complicated and highly prone to error. Creating and maintaining records is a hassle, costing companies time and effort. With Apimio, companies can stop relying on inaccurate spreadsheets and move towards databases that help edit product data more efficiently. 

Collect data in more intuitive ways with our data editor. Add, edit and update product information without worrying about what format your data goes in. Our data editor will guide you with each entry and make sure the information you entered is correct, complete and complies by listing requirements. 

Set yourself free from maintaining excel sheets, word documents and pdf files. Craft your product information in one place. Product cataloguing has never been more efficient. 


Digital asset management

As businesses are generating massive content, including internal emails, image documents, marketing materials and videos, it has become challenging to manage this large amount of digital data. 

Increase and improve the security, organization and searchability of all your digital media. Make it easy for your team to locate files on one central repository through our custom Digital Asset Management solution. Users can store, edit, share, and view digital assets, and easily collaborate with other users and retail partners.

Streamline digital media assets to eliminate inaccuracies and inconsistencies to achieve consistent brand experiences. Teams can easily analyze and distribute digital content and ensure that the end customer receives optimal information regarding your products. 

Flexible data models

As your business grows, you must update your data to reflect the new changes. Doing this can be tedious without flexible data models that can help you add new data sources without reconfiguring existing ones. 

Modify structured and unstructured data according to your business and customer’s needs. By simplifying the process of data editing through our flexible data modelling, you can reduce your time-to-market. 

Model your own master data types, according to the product category and your organizational structure. Add in the desired fields, move around attributes, remove what you don’t need for a truly customizable experience. 

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