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Product Data Management & Planning

Our Experts Team creates a customized plan for your business which includes an Ecommerce Website Structure for better SEO coverage for Categories, Sub Categories, Brands Pages, Product Pages, Filters, product family definition with the right attributes, Guidelines for Onpage SEO, Product Title, Description, and Images quality that will help you achieve maximum conversion potential.

Product Data Collection & Automation

To effectively manage the product data, you need to first organize it. Our PIM specialists can track, gather, and compile all the product data scattered around different existing sources like your ERP systems, marketplace inventories, or supplier databases or we can also contact your suppliers on your behalf to gather products information.

Centralize and Product Data Cleansing

There may be a lot of outdated and useless data taking up your storage and Bandwith costing you Hundreds to thousands of extra dollars. Our experts carefully review your product data & clean up excess unwanted information. Apart from this we will also complete missing information and upload it into Apimio for centralized management which will be the backbone of your eCommerce operations

Product Information Optimization

Raw Digital data and Unoptimized product information like titles, and Descriptions can take a big toll on your marketing efforts. Our Experts are aware of all the ecommerce and Search guidelines that ensures them to completely optimize your product information while ensuring it best serves all your visitors. 

Publish to Sales Channels

Once your Product information is centralized in Apimio, Our experts will publish this product information into your sales channels so every channel will have the same product information specifically prices, inventory, and product images. Apimio also helps you to create Product sheets for your retailers or wholesale customers.

Content Curation and Planning

Our team of Experienced Ecommerce Experts writes and creates content for your e-commerce store, like your product descriptions, titles, and relevant information from resources, and your vendors. 

Focus on Building your Business, let us do the rest!

Hire Professional Ecommerce Managers to do Product Information Management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does APIMIO work?

Apimio centralizes, manages, automates, distributes, and optimizes your data quickly. We can easily create thousands of products for you in multiple stores and make an eCommerce journey flexible for you in regard to routine imports. Prior to anything, Our primary focus is to build clients’ trust by securing your data from any loss and misuse.

Why should I hire an expert team?

Our expert team can save clients time and money while helping them create a successful product launch. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand how to manage product information. We can develop and execute a product strategy, manage the product roadmap, prioritize features, and analyze the analytics. 

What plans does Apimio offer, and how do they differ?

APIMIO offers a sandbox, standard, and plus plan designed to suit any team size and demand. 

All our features ( SKU, catalogs,  Channel Partners, Import/Export Automation, single-Store, Partners Contact Management, unlimited variants, Attributes, Attribute Sets, brands, language, currency, single user, CSV + Shopify, data filters, User Notifications) are unlocked on all plans.

 Multi-Store, Brand Portal, Bulk Edit Products, Digital Asset Management (Advance), Data Quality Insights, Categories, Multi-Languages Support, Multi-Currency Support, 10 Team Members, CSV + Shopify + Amazon, Dedicated Success Manager, Integrations, data export, and bulk features are available on all paid plans.

Do I sign a long-term contract?

No. You pay for the service on a monthly basis. There are no lengthy contracts to sign. 

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