Your products on every marketplace and platform

Have retailers showcase your products on marketplaces and eCommerce platforms of their choice. Just with the click of a button.

Product Syndication
Product Syndication

All channels up-to-date automatically

Enable your retailers to update product information on their selling platforms as soon as you push new versions of product data from your end. From a pipeline straight from your Apimio dashboard to their user-facing storefronts. Have your product data automatically updated at all times.

Product information curated for all popular selling platforms

Each channel has its own set of listing standards and conventions. Ensure the product information you collect is optimized for all e-commerce platforms with our validators and quality checks. Make your product stand out. Create a customer shopping experience that sells and converts.

Product Syndication
Product Syndication

Error-free product information on all your channels

Minimize chances of error while uploading product information by automating data entries. Enable retailers to directly integrate your product feeds with their online stores. Free yourselves of the hassle of maintaining spreadsheets that are prone to corrupted data. Restrict access to product data on Apimio; assign only specific tasks to different users.

Move to market fast and early

Modern markets may move fast, but your products can move faster. Have your products on as many platforms within the blink of an eye and click of a button. Maximize your sales by ensuring you products are on the right platform at the right time.

Product Syndication

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