Product Data Syndication

Every business is now faced with a growing number of customer-facing interfaces, increasing the need to syndicate product data across multiple sales channels to create an enriched product experience for online shoppers. As companies scale, it’s important to find ways to become more efficient in day-to-day business operations, including product data syndication. Manually updating each product on numerous interfaces is not the way to go about this anymore as it’s time-consuming and tedious.

It’s time for all businesses selling multiple products online to adopt product data syndication (PDS) as part of their product data management strategies to distribute quality data faster to all their channels from a single cloud-based location.

Benefits of Product Data Syndication

consistent data on all platforms

Stay consistent across all channels

PDS enables you to deliver consistent and accurate experiences across all your channels. With a central location for all your product data, it’s easier to manage data and standardize according to your business needs. 

Curate high-performance product experiences

By becoming in charge of your product syndication to each channel that you sell on, you can curate better product experiences. Apimio’s PIM equips you with every tool you need to manage your product data better and sell better. Ensure data is complete before you sync it to your channels, and keep your whole team in the loop and updated in real-time.

Apimio’s product content syndication capability helps you craft and share amazing product stories for a memorable brand experience. It enables you to create and syndicate high-quality product data using built-in channel-specific functionalities.

team efficiency
global product scaling

Go global with your products

Scale and grow your business with a PDS tool and go global with your products. Access larger markets, expand revenue streams and improve your data management with our top-notch data syndication features. Apimio offers customization of data, syncing capabilities in just one click, and standardization. And the best part? You can do all this in a language of your choice. Cater specifically to each country’s audience with their local language and currency. Custom user experiences go a long way.

Eliminate redundancy and improve operational efficiency

With the increase in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C channels, it’s more important than ever to provide the best product experiences to your online buyers and remove redundancies in your journeys. PDS allows you to create customer-centric scenarios to improve customer interaction with your stores. You can eliminate unnecessary and costly methods of marketing and distribution. Automate all processes with Apimio and never miss a product update and launch.

ecommerce efficiency

Want to manage your product data efficiently and increase sales?

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