Share product data with channel partners

Invite your e-commerce retailers and channel partners to share live product data feeds. Keep the retailer synchronized with all product updates through integrated feeds or downloadable CSV files.

Product Distribution

A whole different dashboard for your channel partners

Product Distribution

Channel partner management

Sharing product information with all your retailers can be challenging without a proper software in place to share all your information. Through our Channel Partner Management, you can integrate your retailers with all your product data in real-time. 

Invite as many retailers and partners as you need. Partners can log-in and view product data and analytics, and export product data whenever required.

Product Distribution
Product Distribution

Product data syndication

Channel partners and retailers can syndicate product data across their selling platforms, with pre-built connectors or our public API.

Apimio lets you deliver coherent and uniform product data to multiple selling points. Seamlessly put out product data according to channel requirements and quality standards. 

Deliver product information to all your retailers and marketplaces from a single user-friendly, cloud-based solution. Reduce human interference and time-to-market for your products. 

CSV file exports

Channel partners can export product data in the form of CSV files, modeled according to their internal file structures. They can further upload this product information easily to multiple selling channels, and third-party platforms.

Product Distribution

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