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Folders? Spreadsheets? Google Drive? Dropbox? Memory Sticks? Obsolete! Organize and manage the images, videos, languages, and attributes of all your products with a cloud-based solution. Access any marketing material related to your products centrally, and distribute it with one click. Ensure the perfect product experience for multichannel sales today with Apimio’s product content manager.

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“With Apimio’s centralized platform and real-time analytics, we’ve improved accuracy and productivity.

No more scattered and inconsistent data, throughout the whole process.”


Automate your PCM through Apimio

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Scale & Grow Your Business Operations 

Having a central repository for all your product content allows you to manage data easily and efficiently. This is even more beneficial when you are constantly adding more products to your catalog. Apimio’s product content manager allows you to scale operations and reach bigger markets as product content becomes easier to manage. 

Grow your sales with PIM Software

Manage Your Time Efficiently

As Apimio allows you to bulk edit your product content, you can optimize the time spent on each task. You no longer have to spend days editing content product-by-product on a spreadsheet. Instead, you can do it on a single platform and not worry about creating backups and ensuring privacy and safety. Time is of the essence.

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Boost Customer Loyalty

Giving out better product content that is true to your brand and the quality of what you’re providing improves the whole customer and product experience. A good and consistent product experience inevitably leads to more customer loyalty to your brand. 

Create Brand Consistency

Apimio lets you create a clear and consistent brand image across all your marketing and distribution channels. Your product descriptions, images, and meta descriptions should all be in line with your brand image. Moreover, if you’re putting out product images with white backgrounds, make sure it’s that way for each and every image. This consistency is a true reflection of your brand. 

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Update existing product content with ease

Using an automated tool that enables you to bulk edit your product content share it with your team, distribute it to multiple sales channels, and all from one place eases the whole product editing process.

Using a system with automation and tracking enables your team to have visibility into when content was updated, where it lives, and the process it takes to update that system. Depending on the level of complexity and reach of your product catalog, consider a technology that can automate retailers’ requirements and provide you feedback on product and category performance across your digital shelf.

Product Content Management FAQs

What is product content?

Product content includes the text, digital media, and information that brands provide for each of their product offerings. The text includes product descriptions, titles, attributes, prices, dimensions, and anything else that brands and retailers use to describe their products. 

What makes product content good?

Good product content is that which convinces your customer that your product offering is something they need. It should include your product’s features and benefits in a way that appeals to the customer. Features are straightforward and it’s up to you how you want to pitch them to your customers. However, with benefits, you need to get a little more creative and put them in a way that resonates with your target audience.

How does Apimio help with your product content?

With Apimio, you can:

  1. Create product attributes, families, categories, and variants
  2. Create unique user permissions 
  3. Publish product content faster and efficiently 
  4. Edit your content with a rich text editor 
  5. Import content from CSVs

What is a product content strategy?

A product content strategy involves the planning, development, and management of both your written and visual content. Both these aspects are important to your product experience as customers surf through multiple stores before making a buying decision. If your messaging appeals to them, it can be the make or break factor for your brand so your strategy needs to be well-thought-out. 

Why is product content important?

Product content is your way of showing your customers what your brand stands for, how it can add value to the customer’s life, and why your products are better than that of your competitors.  A mediocre strategy will never help you convert or retain customers. The way you present your products on your online store leaves a lasting impression on website visitors so it’s crucial that you nail it. 

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