Product Catalogs 

Product catalogs are the heart and soul of retail and B2B. It is a list of all the important information related to your product such as descriptions, images, specifications, and prices. Customers often rely on product catalogs to make a buying decision. 

Ensuring product catalogs are updated and complete is a long and tedious process, especially in omnichannel businesses.  One of the biggest issues is third-party data from suppliers and vendors. This data can come in all kinds of different formats, which makes it difficult to add to product catalogs. There might also be inconsistent or missing data, for example. So you need a platform that centralizes this whole process and automates product catalog creation.

Product Catalog Creation and Management Done The Right Way

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Create product catalogs in half the time 

Creating high-quality product catalogs is a long, tiresome process that could interrupt a lot of other important tasks. You need to manage volumes of product information and multiple workflows with collaboration and standardization. Product catalog management with Apimio PIM is simply easy and fast. It enables you to create, organize, and deliver high-quality and ready-to-publish product catalogs in bulk for thousands of sales channels.

Make comprehensive product catalogs 

In order to run a successful e-commerce store, it’s important to provide every little detail about your product so customers can make an informed decision. This includes the technical attributes of your products such as material, ingredients, etc, as well as images, videos, product usage guides, and anything else that you think is important to know. The information should be easy to understand by the average user. 

A huge problem for businesses in online shopping is returns and refunds. These usually occur when the online descriptions don’t match the actual product received by the customer. The best way to avoid these is to provide your customers with all the necessary information in the most accurate way possible before the purchase. A well-informed buying decision leads to lesser returns and refunds.

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Ensure your data is up-to-date

Updated product data leads to a smoother product experience. Think of your product descriptions. Are they being updated in a timely manner? Having a system that ensures your stores are always up to date, with the latest products and their information optimizes user experience with your store. 

Showcase your products using high-quality visuals

Product visuals are the leading factors to conversions in e-commerce. Having images and videos that are high-quality enhance your product experience. Product catalogs should have visuals from each angle. Include 360-degree videos of your product, images from each angle, and show the product in use as well. 

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Omnichannel made easier

Listing products across different marketplaces manually can be extremely tiresome as each has different requirements to meet. For example, Amazon’s product categories are different from those of eBay which means you’ll have to customize for selling on both sites. However, doing this manually can take a long time, and using tools like Apimio can automate this whole process for you. You can send out updated product data to multiple channels in just one click, and reduce your time-to-market. 

Dealing with supplier data

Your suppliers or other third-party vendors often provide you with product data that missed out on key information for the customer or could be in the wrong format or structure. Because suppliers feel no obligation to optimize data for store-fronts, it is up to you as a retailer to optimize this for selling channels. However, having a cloud platform where you can collaborate with your vendors gives them an easier chance to provide you with proper product information.  

Apimio lets you edit and fix your product information efficiently and send it out to your sales channels immediately. 

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Expand your product catalog easily

If your product catalog is poorly organized with data in different parts of the company, it becomes hard to add new attributes or introduce new variants. With Apimio, it’s much more efficient as you can update data collaboratively on a cloud platform. 

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