PIM for Manufacturers, Vendors & Suppliers

With tools to make every part of your product journey more efficient, getting started with optimized product data on your online stores has never been faster and easier.

Create a richer customer experience by supplying the right product data at the right time. A PIM solution allows brands to take full control of their product data. You have the autonomy to decide how to present your products to customers, and store all your product information in a central repository to optimize it for marketing purposes.

Meet your retailers’ custom requests for product data, such as different product attributes. Synchronize real-time information across all channels by putting data ownership and data governance in place. 


Complete and accurate data for user-fronts

Manufacturers are the original source of product data. Their data sets need to be complete and accurate to be displayed on user-fronts. A PIM solution gives vendors complete autonomy of product data, allowing them to monitor its quality, deliver accurate, up-to-date, and compliant product data, digital assets, and related content for greater efficiencies.


Distribute product data to multiple selling channels

With a single repository for all your product data, distribute information through the click of a button. Invite all your retailers to share live product data feeds with them, and integrate with the retailer’s selling channels such as Shopify, Amazon, Magento, eBay, and more. With faster and efficient communication between teams, reduce the time-to-market for all your products. Boost brand loyalty and revenue.

Unlock new selling channels

Apimio PIM unlocks sales opportunities in new channels and marketplaces for manufacturers and brands. Distribute rich product data through multiple channels and increase revenue. Scope products for different platforms and selling channels. Create unique shopping experiences for customers. Access new audiences and raise brand awareness. 


Become more agile 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Build digitally-enabled relationships with Apimio PIM, benefit from smarter logistics management, and deliver better value to businesses. Gain full control of the digital assets of your products, and enable collaboration with workflows for creating and exporting product information.

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