Product Internationalization

Expanding your product’s reach internationally while maintaining consistency and relevance can be struggling. These complexities of language, culture, and currency often lead to reduced sales for businesses.

Apimio’s PIM simplifies the internationalization process by managing product information for each region, ensuring consistency and relevance across multiple languages and cultures.

Apimio efficiently handles your product data, ensuring it is accurately translated and localized for different markets. It also helps you adjust pricing strategies to match different currency values and market needs in various regions.

Product Internationalization

Multilingual and Multi-Currency

Global Communication

Apimio’s PIM makes managing product information in many languages easy, helping you reach customers worldwide.

It comes with a built-in translation feature that automatically changes product details into several languages with just one update or when adding new products.
This means that product information stays consistent across various markets, saving time and making communication better internationally.



Global Pricing

Apimio’s multi-currency feature automatically converts prices into local currencies without manual calculations. 

This enhances the shopping experience for customers, making it easier and more convenient for them to make purchases in their preferred currency.

This builds trust and confidence in the brand, as customers can see transparent and accurate pricing without any confusion.



Multi-Location Inventory Management


Apimio’s PIM simplifies inventory management all across the globe. It helps adjust product details like descriptions, prices, and sizes to fit the needs of customers internationally. 

Apimio’s Product Information Management (PIM) system simplifies managing inventory on a global scale. It allows businesses to update product details like descriptions, prices, and sizes to meet the needs of customers worldwide. 

This ensures that product information is consistent across all sales channels and platforms, making the data reliable for customers.

Using Apimio’s PIM, companies can manage their inventory more effectively, avoiding too much or too little stock. This improves how operations run and increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, this system helps businesses stay competitive by making them more agile and able to respond quickly to changes in the market.



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