Product Information Management (PIM) for Shopify

Integrate your Shopify store with Apimio at click of a button. Manage and maintain your product data seamlessly and smoothly. Enrich data with our intuitive data editor, push changes to live catalogs automatically.


A whole different dashboard for your channel partners


Product Information Management for Shopify made Easy


Centralize Product Data

Centralize your data and choose which information to push to your Shopify storefronts. Optimize your Shopify workflows and ensure optimal product management.


Automate Storefronts

With Apimio’s Shopify Integration, publish product data to your Shopify storefronts from a single source. Directly import product data to your stores from your Apimio dashboards.


Complex Product Types

Maintain and publish complex product types. Edit and export items from a single category in bulk, and populate the product variants on your Shopify product catalogs. Do all your content work once and publish it whenever.

Are you a seller on Shopify looking to enhance your business prospects? Find out how combining Shopify and PIM can power-up revenue while cutting costs.

A Guide To Brand Asset Management

A Guide To Brand Asset Management

Brand asset management is an organizational practice that involves collecting and managing all assets of your business in one place. For example, logos are something used very often on different platforms and social media. You should be able to access them easily at all times.

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DTC Marketing: Definition, Strategies, Examples

DTC Marketing: Definition, Strategies, Examples

Direct to consumer marketing is a growing marketing strategy that eliminates the middleman and allows manufacturers and suppliers to sell directly to the end consumer. Businesses that independently manufacture, market, sell, and ship their own products are increasing with each day, hence DTC marketing is changing the whole business world. 

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Apimio for Manufacturers

With Apimio, all product data for your Shopify store will be centralized. Once you connect your Shopify channel to your Apimio dashboard, you can directly import all your product data to your Shopify platform. You can automate data inputting and updating, ensuring consistent and accurate product information on your Shopify user-fronts, and get automatic alerts on any missing or incomplete data fields.
Edit and export items from a single category in bulk, and populate your product variants on your Shopify catalogs. E-commerce platforms have thousands of regulations; ensuring compliance with each can be challenging. Apimio will optimize all your product data for your Shopify store-fronts so they meet all listing requirements.

Apimio for Retailers

With Apimio, give your manufacturers complete autonomy over your product data. When product data comes from its source, it’s accurate, complete, and free of errors which would otherwise prevail and impact user experiences on your Shopify stores.

With the Apimio integration, your Shopify stores will display only the most accurate product data. You can sync your suppliers’ product feeds with your Shopify store. Every time the supplier pushes new versions of data, your stores will be updated with the latest product information.


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