Campaign Management

Apimio’s PIM software helps you to set up product prices ahead of time for any big sale or event. You can schedule everything in advance so that it is updated automatically when the event starts and goes back to normal when the event ends.

This way, you don’t have to rush to make changes at the last minute, letting you enjoy the event and making sure it’s a success.

It saves time and reduces errors, helping your team launch pricing campaigns smoothly and efficiently. With Apimio PIM, you can ensure your prices are always consistent across all platforms, making your customers happy and boosting your sales. 

Campaign Management

Schedule Pricing with Apimio

Apimio’s PIM software simplifies campaign management, allowing you to prepare for sales, seasonal promotions, or any price adjustments. You can now customize the prices and product attributes, specifically for upcoming events. 

This helps you to schedule your changes in advance, ensuring that your campaign automatically starts on the day of the event and reverts back to the original content once the event is done.

With Apimio’s PIM software, your team can plan and execute pricing strategies without the need for last-minute changes, allowing you to fully enjoy these special occasions.

Schedule Pricing with Apimio

MAP Pricing Management


Apimio PIM simplifies the management of your product information, ensuring that all your discounts or sale prices comply with MAP prices.

Apimio allows you to apply discounts and special offers across your product range without violating MAP guidelines. This means you can run promotions, knowing that the sale prices will automatically adjust to comply with the minimum advertised price set by your suppliers.

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