Apimio Collaborate helps you improve collaboration with your internal and external partners – retailers, vendors, brands, team members, and departments – by easily sharing the latest product information from Apimio through a secured portal. You get just what you need when you need it.

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Collaboration between vendors and retailers

Managing workflows is much easier with a central solution. Collaboration between vendors and retailers is enabled through shared catalogs.

Instead of creating numerous files for each of your channel partners, distributors, retailers, and more, just share the same data through a single platform and ensure consistency and accuracy.

Easier and efficient communication

One platform for all your communications with your retailers, suppliers, vendors, and distributors creates efficiency and reduces mundane tasks.

You can save time on communicating with multiple partners via email by having them all in one place. You also don’t have to manage files and folders in multiple locations. One place for all. 


Real-time updates for team members

Get real-time updates made to your product catalogs. Data is processed without any buffer delays, so you can sync new updates immediately to your sales channels.

Your channel partners can also access new updates in real-time without facing any inefficiencies and delays.

Multiple Integrations

Once you have ensured your product data is accurate, comprehensive, complete, and presented in context for each individual channel with Apimio, it’s ready to be syndicated to any channel where your buyers are.

You can efficiently streamline the distribution of your product information to the thousands of sites where buyers shop, such as Shopify


Notifications for product data changes and updates

Immediately get notified whenever any changes are made to a specific product. Comment and communicate with your partners on the dashboard.

Never miss product updates from your retailers or vendors again. Stay on top of your product data.

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