With online buying comes a high rate of returns! The amount of E-commerce returns is quite high; there are about 30 percent of returns daily. According to the National Retail Federation, buyers have returned an estimated $816 billion worth of retail merchandise returned in the year 2022. 1These returns can be due to many reasons, such as packaging, quality, size, or any other wrong description. 

While e-commerce returns cannot be completely finished or eradicated, there are a few ways to reduce your e-commerce returns.

Did you know that the maximum number of returns is usually after the holiday season most people buy things during the holiday season when there are better offers and return after that.  

If you’re also tired of the high rate of return, then this blog is for you! Incorporate the following practices in your everyday business and reduce your e-commerce returns. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of reasons behind returns now let’s learn a few tips and tricks to reduce these returns.

Tips to reduce E-commerce returns

  1. Good return policy
  2. Reviews
  3. Good Customer Support
  4. Exchanges
  5. Post-purchase email 
  6. Product Videos

1. Good return policy

In order to have a good return policy, is one that consists of an easy return procedure that enables them to purchase a product without worrying that they can’t return it if the product doesn’t work. 

A good return policy usually has a long period of return this allows the customers to reduce the sense of urgency to return the product and helps build a stronger relationship with your consumers having trust in your products and services. 

return policy

A good return policy helps to build the trust of your employees and also leads to positive results.  

2. Reviews

Product Reviews are crucial in reducing the number of returns in your E-commerce business. Including customer reviews helps your customers to make a well-informed decision this way, they’ll know what to expect from the product they are buying and will also not face the need of returning the products.

It is always a better idea to have more structured reviews this will encourage your customers to leave more positive feedback! 

It has been proven that e-commerce businesses that have incorporated customer reviews have a chance of getting about 20.3 percent less returns than those hwo haven’t! 

3. Good Customer Support

At times the reason behind a return is usually an issue faced with the product, which has not been dealt with by any customer support. Customers want their issues to be resolved, and in order for that, good customer support is required! There is no need of returning a product if the customer is satisfied!

So, for a reduced rate of return, it is always a good idea to have responsive customer service that will help resolve issues hence leading to a lower rate of return. 

customer support

4. Offer Exchanges

In order to reduce the rate of return, it is a good practice to encourage customers to exchange products rather than ask for a refund. This will help to reduce customer expenses related to processing returns. This way, it is just a win-win case in which neither the customer nor your business will be at a loss! 

However, it is important to decrease ecommerce return rates and make sure that exchange is fair and customers are satisfied.

The method you choose to promote exchanges is within your discretion. There are certain online retailers who solely provide store credit for returns and clearly state in their return policy that they do not offer cash refunds.

Nevertheless, declining to provide refunds entirely may result in an unfavorable returns experience for numerous customers. Alternatively, you can stimulate product exchanges by using well-crafted communication or incentives, such as offering extra store credit.

5. Post-purchase email

It is important to send a post-purchase email to your customers. One way to decrease returns is to email customers after their purchase. During the time between the order and delivery, you can inform customers about the product, address any concerns that may result in returns, and maintain their enthusiasm for their recent purchase. 

By sending educational emails and engaging customers, you can prevent them from regretting their decision and instead look forward to the delivery of their purchase.

6. Product Videos

Adding product videos is always a good idea as it helps increase sales and reduce returns. Product videos let consumers know what to expect from the product and how it would look. This also helps in building trust 

It has been proven that videos are 60 percent more effective when it comes to reducing returns and increasing conversion rates. Hence, make sure to incorporate a detailed product video explaining how it can be used and its benefits!  

product videos

In order for your e-commerce to succeed, you need to reduce returns! For to avoid these returns, you need to take the steps mentioned above!

You can provide your customers with good images, reviews, and quick responses in order to satisfy them for a higher percentage of returns.

Minimizing returns is an effective approach to simplify your logistics, lower expenses, and maintain a smaller inventory. Among the recommendations mentioned earlier, the foremost suggestion and emphasis for your enterprise are to prioritize customer expectations and emotions in all your operations.

What to do next

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the best practices for ecommerce return policy?

One of the best practices is to offer free returns. Offering free shipping for the exchange policy is a way to increase customer loyalty and experience.  

2. How do you avoid customer returns?

1. Use first-class images of the product
2. Improve your product descriptions
3. Enable reviews
4. Improve your packaging
5. Offer good customer support
6. Live chat to improve customer experience
7. Solicit customer feedback

3. How to reduce cancellation and return rates of ecommerce orders?

As an ecommerce business owner, one of your main goals is to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the number of order cancellations and returns. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:
·  Provide accurate and detailed product descriptions
·  Include high-quality product images
·  Offer customer support.
·  Manage your inventory
·  Offer flexible return policies

  1. Retail Returns: https://nrf.com/media-center/press-releases/2022-retail-returns-rate-remains-flat-816-billion[]

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