Overview of the best PIM solutions

PIM is a solution specially designed to organize product data, attributes, and similarities. It is a centralized platform to push product information out to e-commerce. 

The integral question here is, “Is the new PIM solution going to benefit your business?” Data unification, distribution, and performance of the overall PIM solution are the significant factors determining PIM software’s success.


Apimio is a centralized product information hub specially designed to foster collaboration on product information. For the outstanding product experience across all the customer touchpoints, Apimio provides consistent and up-to-date information.Apimio PIM is a powerful system that provides multi-channel retailers the edge to manage product variants.  

How Apimio PIM works?

Apimio Pim is a potent product information management solution that drives sales and marketing results for high-quality information. The advanced PIM solution offers product data syndication with built-in APIs to offer compliance with varying channel structures.

For people looking for ways to expand their business to new markets, Apimio is a viable solution. It helps to create engaging product stories for various channels. Apimio for brands, suppliers, and manufacturers streamlines every part of the product journey.

The top-rated PIM software for e-commerce has the ability to manage, delete and update product information in bulk. Apimio, a cloud-based PIM, stores all the information in cloud to protect it against security breaches and threats.

Why do people prefer Apimio PIM?

The store owners who prefer omnichannel-savvy customers, Apimio is a preferred choice. All the data is gathered in a single location, making it easy for all the suppliers to access the data whenever needed.

No matter whatever format of data you have, it will successfully import the data into the desired format of the specialized platform.  

Apimio PIM is a popular choice for synchronizing product data from multiple Shopify stores. By utilizing the product completeness score, Apimio PIM ensures that the data being processed is of high quality , while also conveying all relevant information to the respective owners across different channels.

Apimio PIM Standout Features and Integration


The key features of the Apimio PIM include: 

Apimio Features

1. Centralized product information

By storing all product information in a centralized system Apimio, businesses can ensure consistent branding across all sales channels, which helps to establish trust and increase customer loyalty.

2. Product information validation

Apimio PIM tool can help businesses validate their product information by providing automated checks for data quality, completeness, and consistency.

3. CSV import

With CSV import, Apimio helps businesses who need to update or migrate their product information from legacy systems or other data sources.

4. Manipulate product information with templates

Apimio PIM solution have template manipulation capabilities that allow businesses to create templates for specific product categories , including fields for product names, descriptions, images, pricing, and other relevant information.

5. Share product information

Apimio PIM application allows you to share product information and control the information access. You can create custom views for different users, restrict access to sensitive information, and track who has viewed or edited your product information.

6. Bulk Editor

With the bulk editor option, Apimio allows you to edit and update product information in bulk instead of making individual changes to each product. This can save you hours of manual work and reduce the risk of errors.

7. Multi-channel Listing 

With the multi-channel listing option, you can easily publish and manage your product information across all online marketplaces. This can help you increase your visibility and sales while streamlining your product information management processes.

8. Completeness Score

Apimio PIM includes a product completeness score that can quickly identify gaps in your product information. You can also track your progress over time and see how your score improves as you update your product information.


Apimio provides a range of integration options and connectors to enhance your experience. By using the Shopify connector, you can easily connect numerous Shopify stores simultaneously.

Moreover, Apimio also provides universal export templates that can transform product catalogs into CSV format, which can be imported quickly and efficiently into various channels for data distribution.

Plans and Pricing

Apimio Pim has varying prices for each category, providing three different plans: Grow, Expand, and Scale. Each plan includes a distinct number of SKUs and a range of connected stores.

The Scale plan is designed primarily to offer flexibility and customization to scale your business.  

Apimio offers competitive pricing for its PIM solution, starting from only $49, to facilitate a large customer base. Businesses can streamline their data management and reduce operational costs by leveraging the benefits of the PIM system.


Pimcore is an open-source data and experience management platform. The platform aggregates, enrich, and manage enterprise data to provide a first-class experience to customers. 

Pimcore PIM solution is available in cloud, both in enterprise and community editions.

Pimcore provides a unified platform that enables businesses to have a reliable and centralized source of information regarding their products, assets, and customers.

This eliminates the problem of data silos, improves operational efficiency, enhances customer experience, and reduces IT expenses.

How Pimcore works?

With its built-in modules, Pimcore simplifies the management of complex digital data and streamlines the digital experience for businesses of all sizes.

The Pimcore platform offers two versions: the Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition. The Enterprise Edition is the premium version that provides advanced features and support. At the same time, the Community Edition is a free, open-source version suitable for small businesses and individuals.

Pimcore is a comprehensive platform that provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for digital asset management, content management, customer data management, and digital commerce.

With its built-in modules, Pimcore simplifies complex digital data management, saving time and increasing productivity. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Pimcore has the tools you need to succeed in the digital age.

Why do people prefer Pimcore?

What sets Pimcore apart from costly digital experience platforms is its remarkable adaptability, focus on API development and the support of over 100 solution partners worldwide.

The major reason of platform gained popularity is its community edition, which is open-source and free. Without paying a cent, you can access open-source GPLv3 software license with accessible source code. You can upgrade to other unlimited and enterprise plans for IP protection and advanced security. The free edition includes PIM/CDP/MDM/DAM: CMS/DXP commerce with unlimited users, data and entities.

Pimcore Standout Features and Integration


 The Pimcore PIM features include the following in the cloud edition:

Pimcore features

1. Data modelling

With a PIM solution that includes Data Modeling, you can create a customized data model that meets the unique needs of your business.

2. Data management

With Pimcore data validation capabilities, you can eliminate data errors and inconsistencies that can negatively impact your business.

3. Workflow management

One important aspect of workflow management in a Pimcore system is the ability to assign roles and permissions. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to specific tasks and information, enhancing security and confidentiality.

4. Digital asset management

Another essential aspect of digital asset management in a PIM system is the ability to assign metadata and tags to digital assets. Proper metadata and tagging can improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

5. App and data integration

With the app and data integration capabilities of Pimcore, you can reduce manual data entry and minimize errors and delays.

6. Omni channel publishing

Pimcore’s other important aspect is having the ability to customize product information for each channel. This ensures that product information is optimized for each sales and marketing channel, improving visibility, and sales.


Pimcore offers a comprehensive range of over 1600 pre-integrated channels for marketing, shopping, retail, and business purposes. Moreover, users can easily import and export CSV and XLSX spreadsheets via Microsoft Excel connectivity. They provide a standard API, a fully functional REST Webservice API, and a Data Hub GraphQL API for two-way connections to enhance connectivity options further.

Plans and Pricing

Pimcore offers cloud edition PIM with several packages to choose the one that fits your needs. The pricing plan differs for each category, starting from the starter to the ultimate package. Each package offers a free quote to have an overall idea of the package. 

Apimio vs Pimcore: A PIM Solution Comparison

A PIM solution is assessed primarily based on the following factors which include:

  1. Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Integrations
  3. Industry specificity
  4. Scalability

Considering the above factors and the comparison of Apimio vs Pimcore, it is important to make a single decision. Apimio offers a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, with a pricing model that is based on the number of SKUs managed rather than users.

As a leading PIM solution, Apimio puts the customer first by delivering data from a single source to other marketing and sales channels. Overall, Apimio is a robust and cost-effective PIM solution that can help businesses manage their product data, optimize workflows, and scale their operations.

Data unification when choosing a PIM software 

To effectively manage product data, it must not only store it consistently but also unify it across all channels. To accomplish this, it’s important to work closely with your PIM service provider to discuss how unification, such as data cleansing, can be implemented during the data collection and migration processes.

Clear identification of stakeholders is crucial, and the chosen PIM system should support this key and sensitive process. A well-designed and comprehensive data governance framework established early on is essential for establishing consistent rule-based actions. This framework should involve all key stakeholders, decision-makers, and users.

Selecting the right PIM provider for your e-commerce business

PIM solution does not work in isolation. As you plan to use PIM software, ensuring that the solution you select integrates seamlessly with other systems is crucial. The correct PIM implementation act as a central hub for all the product information.

The DAM asset portal extension of Pimcore is presently incompatible with mobile devices, making it unreliable for use with iOS or Android smartphones. Additionally, teams that collaborate frequently may need help as there is no real-time tracking of who changes product data, which can result in unintentional overwriting of simultaneous modifications.

While on the other hand, Apimio offers various integrations and provides a seamless experience to all e-commerce business owners. Along with it, the unique feature of the product completeness score enables store owners to focus on the missing attributes to reach an overall score of 100. 

What to do next?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is PIM important?

PIM, a single dashboard for all the product data, helps enrich product descriptions, categorize products and files, link the overall media, and automate product catalogs. A good PIM solution will keep all the relevant information online, up-to-date, and consistent for all the retailers and vendors.

2. How do I choose a PIM system?

Step 1: Create a team of stakeholders
Step 2: Asses your key business goals for PIM implementation
Step 3: Make a list of PIM solutions and look beyond their technical and functional capabilities
Step 4: Choose a PIM solution that offers possible scalability

3. Who benefits from the Apimio PIM solution?

 Apimio, a centralized data repository, is useful for store owners to share their product information with various people across the sales channel. By enabling vendors and retailers to ingest product information, Apimio makes data management efficient for them. Thus, it facilitates establishing mutually beneficial relationships by streamlining, accelerating, and automating supplier data.

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