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Plytix Alternatives: Apimio vs. Plytix

Written by Zahwa Nadeem | Reviewed by Mobeen Ali
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Finding it difficult to choose the best PIM system for your E-commerce business? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

It is important to understand that not all PIM systems are made for the same purpose or have the same functionality. One PIM system might have something that the other one may not have, and that’s what helps one gain a competitive edge over another PIM  system.

This blog is a detailed explanation of the differences between different Saas providers and which one is more beneficial to you! Before getting started, let’s first have a look at the general overview of the SAAS companies! 

Plytix and Apimio Comparison

Plytix is a Product Information Management Company focused more on small and medium businesses. Plytix PIM software is built for seamless team collaboration so you can get your products in front of your customers faster.

In contrast, Apimio is a PIM provider that deals with crafting amazing experiences for Vendors, Retailers, and Shoppers, all in one place!  Apimio allows you to bulk edit your product content, you can optimize the time spent on each task.  Apimio’s product content manager allows you to scale operations and reach bigger markets as product content becomes easier to manage. 

Different PIM solutions for Different needs

Did you know that PIM systems are of different types? Some of them are just concentrated on the larger organizations and generally charge more, whereas the rest of them are more interested in providing fast service with the latest technology; that is where Apimio comes in!

If you’re an E-commerce manager, you’d know that there are some essential factors that need to be considered when making a decision regarding choosing the best PIM service! These factors include:

  1. Price
  2. DAM functionality 
  3. Completeness Score and Image Quality Score
  4. Integration
  5. Ease of use

Now let’s have a look at the comparison between the two market leaders and see how each is of benefit to you and which one can more easily fulfill your needs and requirements.

1. Image Quality Score

Did you know that the image quality score, which lets you know about the technical quality of your image is quite crucial in an e-commerce store, is only available at Apimio, Plytix only offers a completeness score, whereas, at Apimio, you can find both of them! So if you want your images to be up to the mark, then apimio should be your first choice!

Hence, without any doubt, Apimio provides a broader range of offers. Another offering to prove this stance is the Image Quality Score provided by Apimio.

The comparison between these two saas companies is remarkable as both the saas companies make just as the differences between them, there are also quite a lot of similarities between them.

2. DAM

Moving on to  Digital Asset Management which deals with the centralization of images, videos and audio is found common in both Apimio and Plytix.

In this generation, where everything is getting digital, it’s crucial to have a system that can manage all your digital assets, saving your time and money. 

Both Apimio and Plytix let you centrally manage all your product images and the product information and syndicate it across multiple platforms.

Suppose you’re looking for a software that offers good options, such as the ability to share products with retailers and suppliers making it easier for you to upload the data on your preferred sales channel. In that case, you need to make Apimio your go-to software! 

There is no doubt regarding the customer support of Plytix and Apimio; both of them are a 5/5 when it comes to customer support and satisfaction. Customer service is quite valued by their customers, in terms of quick response and solutions.

The main difference that can be figured out between the two is that Apimio is more focused on simplifying the whole product information management system for you.  

Unlike Apimio, Plytix offers not only CSV templates but also PDF Product sheets, but with this extra offering comes an extra price attached to this offering, then; why spend more amount of money when you can get your work done with just a CSV product sheet template?  

3. Ease of Use

Both Plytix and Apimio claim to have a user-friendly interface, they are quite easy to use so if you’re looking for something that is not too complicated then Plytix and Apimio are your best options! 

The user interface allows retailers to create new brands and vendors to manage their product data easily and in an organized manner. A user’s products on Shopify are automatically updated on the Apimio brand portal, saving time and effort.

4. Integration

Another amazing fact about Apimio is that Apimio has Magento and Shopify integrations which means that it doesn’t require a third-party integration, whereas Plytix requires a third-party integration.

5. Price

Lastly, Plytix is a more expensive PIM offering a limited amount of demos. In contrast, at Apimio, we focus on providing as much information as possible and solving queries, no matter how many demos are required!

Apimio believes in clearing out any confusion and making the PIM journey as easy as possible. Apimio is well-known for its friendly interface and constant training of its clients concerning data import and export.

So which PIM should you buy?

In short, if you’re looking for the best PIM system, it’s always better to know your e-commerce business requirements and choose the best PIM that fulfills them! 

The cost you have to pay in terms of time and money is also very important to consider. It is always better to get more quality and quantity in less!

After going through this blog, you’ll have a clear image in your mind, and it will be easier for you to make the best decision for your e-commerce business! 

For further assistance, Try Apimio Shopify connector for free or Book a Demo to talk to one of our experts for a guided integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plytix?

Plytix is a Product Information Management solution focused on small and medium e-commerce businesses. Plytix PIM software is built for seamless team collaboration so you can get your products in front of your customers faster.

Which PIM software should I choose?

Apimio, Because it allows you to bulk edit your product content, you can optimize the time spent on each task.  Apimio’s product content manager allows you to scale operations and reach bigger markets as product content becomes easier to manage. 

Written by Zahwa Nadeem

Zahwa is a Content Marketing Lead at Apimio inc. With an MBA and loads of relevant experience in Content Marketing, She's an expert Content Strategist providing solutions in E-commerce and Business.

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